Discover the creative arts as a gentle method for healing and wellness

art can heal specializes in art therapy and process painting. In the Wisdom Keepers' Studio and custom workshops, we work with women who are on a path of healing and/or self-exploration and discovery. No art experience or ability is needed.

All of us have the potential to tap into a source of wisdom, whether we call it prayer, guidance, tuning into the archetypes of the collective unconscious, or communing with Spirit. Jean E. Tait brings her wealth of experience to guide you through the process - with safety and respect. Jean is an art therapist, holding professional membership in both the Canadian Art Therapy Association (CATA) and American Art Therapy Association (AATA). She is an Indigenous artist trained in fine art, talking circles & groups.

Jean offers sessions and customized workshops for individual, small and large groups.

ART THERAPY is a recognized form of therapy that taps into the subconscious and embraces the whole person and their experiences. 

INTUITIVE PROCESS PAINTING uses art-making as a way to journey within and befriend your wise self in a group experience.

Art Therapy Minimize

The art therapy approach at art can heal invites you to use art-making as a means of expressing your emotions and thoughts in relation to life stresses, traumas, grief or other areas that cause emotional, psychological, spiritual and/or physical distress or imbalances. Art therapy offers a safe atmosphere as a relatively non-intrusive form that persons of all ages can use as expressive communication for healing.

Initial Consultation for Individual Art Therapy – Are we a fit?

Your initial consultation will be up to 30 minutes and there will be no charge. As a successful art therapy relationship requires commitment from both the therapist and client, it is important to ensure that it is a good “fit” for both before proceeding. Once we feel comfortable with each other, you will be able to share your needs and goals. You will then be a bit more familiar about what you can expect from your art therapy sessions and have the opportunity to ask any questions.

Jean provides both one-on-one and group sessions as well as custom workshops for organizations or conferences.

Please contact Jean Tait if you would like to arrange a consultation or need more information.

Process Painting Minimize

Intuitive Process painting in Wisdom Keepers' Studio allows you to explore a form of deep listening of your intuition. Through this spontaneous process you will learn to journey through your own art - expressing and accessing your inner wisdom. By opening yourself to what you do not know or expect in an image, you birth your choice of colours, shapes, and forms by expressing these through this method of painting. Jean will act as your guide to assist you with "ways in" as you go on this inner expedition through gentle questions that explore your imagery. What you call forth may surprise and delight you as you receive the gift of spontaneous expression!

Learn more about Process Painting in Wisdom Keepers' Studio